Centrim life is a secure cloud-based consumer engagement and lifestyle management software. Our software helps you simplify communications between your facility, consumers, and their families via story feeds, announcements, private messaging, video calls, and more. Keep them connected and engaged at all times. Click here to learn more on our other features.
We can assist with keeping families informed on what’s happening with their loved ones and the latest announcement through our easy-to-use platform. Any story or updated announcements in our system sends out an email notification and push notification via mobile App to consumers and their families, ensuring your message reaches them. We also have a bulk SMS feature that allows you to send all families critical information at a click of a button
Consumer engagement, family communication, and lifestyle management is the core of Centrim Life, but we have a lot of features that help your aged care. Click here to learn more.


App will be available on the app store and play store. Your consumers and their families can download them directly from there, or we will provide you with your unique link for download, which we will share with you.
Families can log in to their web portal or App and access all relevant information. In addition, they get email alerts, messages, and notifications.
Yes. Families can book video call time slots via mobile or web portal. The system is simple to use and checks for available slots automatically. In addition, the system sends reminders ten minutes before the call time so that no one ever misses out.
If the facility has multiple wings. You can allocate users or devices for each wing. Then, calls for residents to the specific wings automatically get assigned to the devices/users for the wing.
Yes. There are no restrictions on the number of facilities that you can have. All facilities can be centrally managed by management level users easily


Stored in a secure Australian server under strict security protocols, you own all the data you upload. Only those who receive an invitation will only have access to the portal.
Staff, consumers, and Family members who have permissions will get notifications.
Staff, consumers, and their next of kin have the authority to invite users to the system. We also have a feature where you can restrict staff access to the system only while they are in the facility.


Families can log in to their web portal and access all relevant information. In addition, they get email alerts, messages, and notifications.
Our software can be implemented with your own branded web portal within two weeks, including implementation, data import, and training.
Initial data import included in our implementation process. After that, we ask you to fill in specific excel templates, and we take care of the rest. It is as simple as it can get.


There are no contracts, and you can cancel anytime.
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