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Start implementing more efficiency to your retirement living facility by introducing Centrim Life to your community. The software can work from the central position and manage seniors, their loved ones, caretakers, and other staff at one place. Analysing the stored data of day to day activities, Centrim Life can help you provide individual priority to everyone by closely understanding them. The software can provide multiple help to your facility with more than 10 automated functioning properties.

How can Centrim Life manage your Retirement Village?

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Better Communication with family & loved ones.

  • Consumer Stories
    Share news and events about your consumers to their families and representatives privately. Connect and engage with them.
  • Private Messaging
    Secure private messaging platform for consumers with easy texting interface and ability to attach photos and memories.
  • Video Calling
    Schedule or make unlimited private or group video calls with family and loved ones
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Keep families posted regularly

  • News & Announcements
    Email and mobile app notifications are available for timely updates and announcements to consumers and their representatives.
  • SMS & Emails
    Save time and effort by easily sending SMS and emails to groups of consumers and representatives. Engage with them or keep them informed of critical information.
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Bring Automation to Lifestyle and Activities

  • Activities Calendar
    Create & share lifestyle activities at the click of a button. Categorise activities based on its nature and print professional activity calendars.
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Keep everyone connected and informed

  • Dining Menu
    Create a seasonal menu using our inbuilt menu designer and get your menu directly to the fingertips of the consumers.
  • Newsletter
    Design your newsletters using our drag and drop builder and just upload. Share it via email, mobile app, web app, social media or integrate with your website.
  • Resources
    Document and URL repository for all facility, company or ACQSC updates with appropriate permission levels.
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Entertainment Portal to Engage Consumers

  • A perfect setting for the consumers to engage and entertain. Centrim Life provides the best consumer engagement options with hundreds of videos, documentaries, books and games.
  • Choose from a wide variety of cultural and lingustically diverse contents from different times that instigate nostalgia.
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Visitor Management.

  • QR code-based contactless visitor management
  • iPad-kiosk app for check-in & Checkout
  • Manage visitor & resident check-in &check-out.
  • Emergency evacuation list in one click
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Maintenance Management System

  • Raise and manage maintenance requests. Provide real-time updates on activities performed and status of the requests.
  • Make communication between consumers, staff and maintenance team efficient and transparent.
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Effortless Reporting System

  • Collect reports on feedback and quality management using facility wide metrics for the management in just a click. Make weekly, monthly or annual reports suitable to your needs.
  • Track resident well-being, activity popularity and attendance trends of consumers and provide weekly update to families.

Core Features
that makes us Top Notch

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Private Safe & Secure

All data is stored in secure Australian servers under strict security protocols and role-based permissions. Our innovative features give you complete control and ownership of your data

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Enterprise Management

Make managing multiple facilities a breeze with Centrim Life. Connect your facilities, so you can efficiently and effectively manage them in one place. Reducing your time and effort.

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Mobile App Suite

Centrim Life offers a range of mobile applications for iOS and Android devices to help you stay connected with your community and keep everything in order.

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